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Bioart/Moist Reality

Week eleven


Whereas historically Art and Biology conjured up images of detailed artist studies of fauna and flora now artists work directly with living material.

1959 Aromoarama for Behind the Great Wall film, 1960 A scent of Mystery used the Smell-o-vision system, 1981 Odorama scratch and sniff cards for Polyester, were early attempts to integrate smell and entertainment that never really caught on. Recent developments in the areas of bio-technology and chemistry have accelerated an interest in exploring senses other than sight. Developments in biosensors have very wide application, from watches that read blood level to fertility bras. Bio-identification and bio-surveillance or biometrics (verification of identity based on physiology or behaviour of that person) have obvious security and law enforcement applications.  

Science and technology enabled us to observe, transform and manipulate bodily functions.   New body imaging technologies like CAT & PET, MRI opened up new view of the body. Bionics enables creation of new hybrids between human and machine. Although tissue to material interface is still to be overcome, the creation of separate bionic components is a possibility. While this field of research has potentially great medical implications, it is also a field ridden with ethical problems.    Artists practicing in the field of biological and medical research can engage in deconstructive analysis, the analysis of practical and ethical implications as well as in the experimentation of 'live' materials.

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